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Global Journal of Medical Therapeutics (GJMT) is an official journal of Global Healthcare Activities Academy, edited by Nagwa Ibrahim, Pharm D, PhD. This is a peer-reviewed online research journal in medical therapeutics that publishes the latest research works relevant to medicine, therapy and other allied health sciences. GJMT will be published quarterly starting from 2019.

Aim and Scope:

GJMT aims to help healthcare professionals publish the real world evidence related to medical therapeutics to improve practice globally. The journal will publish original research, meta-analysis, systematic review, literature review, case studies, editorials, guidelines, action reports, policies, invited commentaries and experts opinions.  

Topics include:

  • Effectiveness, efficiency and safety

  • Therapeutics in all disease areas

  • Healthcare quality

  • Healthcare economics and pharmacoeconomics

  • Outcome research

  • Evidence based practice, guidelines and drug policies

  • Patients centered care research

  • Pharmacovigilance

  • Therapeutic drug monitoring

  • Precision medicine and translational research

  • Pharmacogenetics and pharmacokinetics

  • Biosimilarity, bioavailability and bioequivelance

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