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Reviewers Guidelines
Conflict of interest
Review reports
The review process is an important aspect of the publication process of an article. It helps an editor in making decision and enable the author(s) to improve the manuscript. The Global Journal of Medical Therapeutics (GJMT) operates a double-blind review process.
Before accepting to review a manuscript, reviewers should ensure that the manuscript is within their area of expertise and they can dedicate the assigned time to conduct a critical review.
Reviewers must not share information about manuscripts as it is considered confidential.
Conflict of interest:
Reviewers should declare their conflicts of interest and rescue themselves from the peer review process if a conflict exists.
It is unethical for reviewers to use information obtained during the peer review process for their own or any other person's advantage.
Reviewers should be honest and objective and should not be influenced by the origin of the manuscript, religious or cultural viewpoint of the author.
Review reports:
Reviewers should focus on originality, quality, clarity and depth of research.
Reviewers' recommendation should be either:
- Accept
- Requires minor corrections
- Requires moderate revision
- Requires major revision
- Reject.  
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