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Year: 2020 I Volume: 2I Issue: 4 I Page 1  



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How to cite this article: Acknowledgments: Glob J Med Therap. 2020;2(4). 

Acknowledgments to authors and peer reviewers

We would like to thank individuals who have served as author or peer reviewer for the Global Journal of Medical Therapeutics in the last year (January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020). The valuable contributions of these authors and reviewers helped in the success of the journal. 

Thank you very much!                                                                                                                    GJMT Editorial team

If you are interested to join our distinguished reviewer panel contact us at  

Authors and peer reviewers list:

Abdulrahman Ismaiel

Razia Khan

Eman AlObary

Nagwa Ibrahim

Nahlah Al Srouji

Hafez A. Ahmed 

Naglaa Raafat AbdRaboh

Aeman M. Asif

Sumbal Riaz

Ahmed Younis

Mohammad Kallawy

Walid Ibrahim

Alam Alhuda Mohamed

Nawaf Alkhayat

Yasser Elborai

Amal Abdalaziz

Elsaeed Habib

Mohamed Almeziny

Abdulaziz Alhamad

Ashraf Farrag

Arwa abdelmogod

Ahmed Maklad

Waleed Jafar

Osman Ahmed

Taleb Buhlaiaqh

Jawaher Ansari 

Hashim Alhashim

Luka Matak

Ziyad S. Almalki

Duaa A. Simsim

Hanem Mohamed

Yazed S. AlRuthia

Ahmed M. Alshehri

Asma Almuhsin

Awatif Alshaibani

Raghad Alkhattabi

Maryam Almulaifi

Ashraf Alalwan

Ahmed Aleid

Samra Bashir

Abdulrahman Alghamdi

Mansoor Khan

Fatma Mostafa Baddar

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