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Review Article ​

Year: 2021I Volume: 3 I Issue: 2 I Pages I 1-6

Effective Pharmacist led interventional strategies to improve outcomes in hypertensive patients: a narrative review


Samra Bashir1*, Akash Syed 1

1 Faculty of Pharmacy, Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. Pakistan.

* Corresponding Author:

Samra Bashir, PhD


Source of funding:  None  


Conflict of interest: None

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Key words: Pharmacist led intervention, Narrative review, Randomized controlled trials, Disease management, Disease outcomes, Hypertension



The role of pharmacist intervention as a cost-effective alternative to physician in disease management is increasingly been recognized. Studies have demonstrated that pharmaceutical care can improve drug therapy as well as patient satisfaction in chronic health conditions including cardiovascular diseases. This study is aimed to review and outline a comprehensive pharmaceutical care plan from the randomized controlled trials previously conducted to assess the impact of pharmacist-managed care on disease outcomes in hypertensive patients. Compared with usual care, the pharmaceutical intervention involved patient evaluation, patient education and counselling, medication review and management, patient monitoring and follow-up, and feedback to the primary physician as major strategies. 

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