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Review Article
Year: 2024 I Volume: 6 I Issue: 1 I Pages I 7-10

Milestones for Establishing Effective Research Activity and Education in Health and Social Care Organization

Hafez Ahmed1, Nagwa Ibrahim2

1 St. George's University of London, United Kingdom

2 Global Healthcare Activities SRL, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

* Corresponding Author:

Nagwa Ibrahim, Pharm D, PhD

Email address:

Source of funding:  None


Conflict of interest: None

Submission date: 1 March 2024

Acceptance date:  20 March 2024

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Key words: Establishing Effective Research Activities, Healthcare Research, Education, Health and Social Care Organization 


The development and sustained improvement of research activity is an essential pre-requisite for the progress of academic organizations. It is also a key element for career development of graduates and for attracting quality academic and clinical staff. Accreditation and similar quality assessment programs assign a heavy weighting for research activity and programs designed for its development. A good plan for the development and maintaining momentum for research activities is always met by challenges in most organizations, that could be classified under time management, financial barriers, expertise availability and lacking the appropriate direction. In this article, major obstacles will be presented and a rational approach presented, as a general guide, as to how research process could be developed and maintained in an academic organization that is relatively novice for research activity.

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