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Conference Proceeding

Year: 2021 I Volume: 3 I Issue: 1 I Pages I 6 -10 

Fourth Pharmacoeconomics International Masterclass: Vital Initiative

Gihan Hamdy Elsisi1,2* , Noura Ahmed1

1 HTA Office, LLC, Cairo, Egypt

2 Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

* Corresponding Author:

Gihan Hamdy Elsisi, MSc, PhD


Source of funding:  None


Conflict of interest: None

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Key wards: pharmacoeconomic, pharmaceutical pricing, novel value, gene therapy 



The annual Pharmacoeconomics International Masterclass has been organized by Global Healthcare Activities Academy (GHAA) every year since 2017, to enrich the knowledge of healthcare professionals and provide them with the necessary tools to maximize the quality of the healthcare services provided around the world.

The topics discussed in the Masterclass were choosen to cover as many aspects as possible from different stakeholders whether they were healthcare practitioners, academics, pharmaceutical companies or policy makers. The masterclass is divided into four main session topics, each including more specific sub-topics. The main session topics are the novel values in health economics, the alternative access models for innovative treatment, the pharmaceutical pricing techniques and lastly, the role of academia in PE development.

As the principles of pharmacoeconomics gain more appreciation and acceptance around the world, the Arabic world is starting to take steps towards the implementation of these principles, with countries starting to establish official HTA organization and publishing official guidelines. Taken these changes into account, defining “value” in an accurate, inclusive manner is vital to assure maximum benefit and cost-containment. More concepts regarding quality adjusted life years, novel values, gene replacement therapy values, managing entry agreements, reference and value based pricing were discussed.


The Pharmacoeconomics International Masterclass is a vital and important element for the introduction and development of pharmacoeconomics principles in the Middle East. The benefit of the masterclass comes from the fact that year after year, more in-depth issues are discussed, and bigger challenges are tackled. From the introduction to pharmacoeconomics principles in the 1st masterclass to the discussion of novel values and optimizing the healthcare services provided, each year the topic is more relevant and more crucial for the application of health economics principles in the area. With two paper already published based on discussions and recommendations in the previous masterclasses, the 4th Pharmacoeconomics International Masterclass is expected to produce many fruitful insights and helpful recommendations.

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