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Review Article
Year: 2020 I Volume: 2 I Issue: 3 I Pages I 1-6

Local experience for managing oncology services during COVID-19 pandemic in a tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia​​


Nagwa Ibrahim1, Mohamed Almeziny1, Abdulaziz Alhamad2, Ashraf Farrag2,3 

1Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Department of Pharmaceutical Services, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2 Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Adult Oncology Department, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

3 Clinical Oncology Department, Assiut university Hospitals, Assiut, Egypt.

* Corresponding Author:

Nagwa Ibrahim, Pharm D, PhD

Email address: 

Source of funding:  None


Conflict of interest: None

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The COVID-19 pandemic led to several critical challenges that impacted the healthcare system worldwide. Many guidelines have been developed internationally and nationally aiming to minimize the risk of infection and its sequential complications. Cancer patients on active treatment are at higher risk to get infected either due to the disease itself or the cancer treatment and other comorbid diseases. In this manuscript we share our local experience while delivering oncology services during the COVID-19 pandemic at Prince Sultan Military Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.      

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