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Review Article
Year: 2023 I Volume: 5 I Issue: 2 I Pages I 5-9 

Improving PubMed Search Using Medical subject heading ( MeSH) Terms

Mahvish Umar 1, Sadaf Sharif 2, Sana Younas 1

Gujranwala Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, Gujranwala, Pakistan

2 Rashid Latif Medical Complex, Gujranwala, Pakistan

* Corresponding Author:

Mahvish Umar, Pharm D

Email address:

Source of funding:  None


Conflict of interest: None

Submission date: 15 May 2023

Acceptance date: 22 June 2023

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Key words: PubMed (MeSH), Medical Subject heading (MeSH), Pain (MeSH), Cancer Pain (MeSH), Drug Therapy (MeSH), Analgesics (MeSH)


Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) terms are valuable tools to conduct focused and concise search. This review article evaluates the performance of search strategies for retrieval of information from the national Library of Medicine (NLM) by using the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) while searching for articles about analgesics used for pain management in cancer patient. We limited our search to 10 types of analgesics. We compared two search strategies MeSH terms and text word searching. Results emphasized that search through MeSH terms provide more precise, efficient and time saving information compared to the text word search. Understanding and learning how to search in PubMed using MeSH terms strategy tool is highly recommended for healthcare professionals to efficiently retrieve the search related information in a timely manner.  

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