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Review Article ​
Year: 2020 I Volume: 2 I Issue: 3 I Pages I 11-15  

The Role of Health Technology in Transforming Healthcare Delivery and Enhancing Spending Efficiency ​

Ziyad S. Almalki 1, Duaa A. Simsim 2

1 Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, Al-Kharj, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2 Alawi Tunsi Hospital, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.


* Corresponding Author:

Ziyad S. Almalki, PhD  

Email address: 

Source of funding:  None


Conflict of interest: None

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Objectives: Advances in technology are changing the way healthcare services are delivered. The adoption of different health technologies has significantly improved health access and efficiency. In addition, health-technology adoption can help immensely in improving health outcomes and enhancing public and private healthcare spending efficiency. However, the role of health technology in transforming healthcare delivery and enhancing spending efficiency is not well understood. In this paper, we reviewed the role of emerging technologies in delivering health services that promote health outcomes, improve productivity of the healthcare provider, and reduce healthcare costs. Methods: A narrative review was conducted of published articles as well as grey literature on application of technology in delivering medical care. Studies that met the following criteria were included: addressed a relevant aspect of technology in healthcare delivery; written in English; published between 1994 and June 2020; qualitative and quantitative study designs, systematic reviews, and primary and secondary research. Main results and conclusions: Utilizing technologies in delivering health services showed promise in improving health outcomes, enhancing healthcare productivity, and reducing overall healthcare costs. However, before these technologies are implemented, reimbursement and equity are two main issues that need to be addressed.

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